Last Longer in Bed

The only 100% Natural & Organic PE Spray that Works. Start lasting longer in bed TODAY with the best premature ejaculation spray on the market which doesn’t numb your penis!

No Anesthetics

Which have serious secondary effects and kill the pleasure (Lidocaine is prohibited in spray form in France for instance).

No Chemicals

Our formula is 100% natural and based on plant extracts proven to be safe to use…

Safe & Effective

BooSTAMINA is the only premature ejaculation spray that makes you last longer without secondary effects.

How Does This Premature Ejaculation Spray Work ?

BooSTAMINA is applied by spraying the penis. The natural substance which is nothing more than a meticulously formulated plant extract mixture permeates the skin and is very quickly absorbed.

BooSTAMINA is not a Lidocain or Benzocain-based desensitizing spray. In fact, it’s not a desensitizing spray at all. Desensitizing premature ejaculation sprays make you last longer in bed by killing any sensation in your penis. The result is you do have a longer intercourse and your partner might get fully satisfied… but for you, it as if you were using a rod to satisfy her, except you are sweating and feel exhausted afterwards.

It defeats the purpose of enjoyable sex that satisfies both parties. Which is why BooSTAMINA was developed in the first place.

Stay Hard, Last Longer & Enjoy Sex

That’s a fact.
Some activities and they way you approach sex accentuate this predisposition.

BooSTAMINA works in a unique way that convinces your brain that LONGER SEX IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT EJACULATING RIGHT AWAY.

This way you don’t lose penis sensitivity and yet can enjoy longer without feeling the need to think about your grandma to bring yourself down a bit.

Just read the review of one of our UK customers, who was one of the first people to try BooSTAMINA – quite a long one.

«I tried a lot of product. Some were effective at the time while others were downright dangerous. Boostamina helped me in my problem of premature ejaculation. I am now a very satisfied man. to recommend! »
Didier M. / Versailles
« Since 4 years I suffered premature ejaculation. My wife and me were suffering terribly. Today thanks to you I found a life of couple with reports of more than a quarter of an hour !! Thank you. »
Pierre D. / Facebook
Aziz B. / Marseille
«No problem, just want to extend the pleasure. Very satisfied. 2 sprays were enough to hold me very long. effective product. »

How to Use BooSTAMINA ?

There are 2 simple steps to using this revolutionary spray:


Apply 2 to 3 sprays 2 hours before the sexual intercourse.


Enjoy pleasurable long-lasting sex with an effect that lasts up to 5 days.

Sometimes, it’s good to be slow?

BooSTAMINA – Spray retardant 100% naturel  | 79 69

Premium Quality

All ingredients and procedures comply with the EU-laws known to be the strictest worldwide.

Secure Payments

All payment methods run through a highly secured connection with encrypted data. Your info is safe.

Discreet Shipping

Your package will look like anyother common package coming in your inbox.

Free Shipping on 3+ Sprays

Order 3 or more sprays and get free shipping worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use BooSTAMINA ?

Using BooSTAMINA is very easy. Just apply 2 sprays on your penis, 2 hours before your intercourse and you’re ready!

Will it work for me ?

Of course! We have tested BooSTAMINA on a wide range of ages, races, physical conditions and even different nationalities. It worked for them. There is therefore no reason it shouldn’t work for you.

Are there any possible side effects ?

No side effects have ever been reported during clinical trials for Boostamina. However, you may experience slight tingling after applying our solution for a short while.

Is packaging anonymous ?

Of course it is! Confidentiality and respect of the privacy of our customers is essential to us. You will receive your delaying spray in an anonymous bubble wrap.

When will I be able to receive my package ?

*France: 48 hours if the order is placed before 15:00 GMT+1.

*Europe: 3-5 business days if the order is placed before 15:00 GMT+1.

*Rest of the world: 5-7 business days if the order is placed before 15:00 GMT+1.

What quality standards does BooSTAMINA® spray meet ?

Boostamina® spray meets international standards. It was developed in France under EU legislation. Its effectiveness was obtained after several months of development with researchers from the Paris Faculty of Medicine.

Can I take a shower after applying BooSTAMINA® spray?

BooSTAMINA® spray is waterproof. You can therefore take a shower in complete serenity after applying it. Thus, the effects of BooSTAMINA® will continue to be felt for several days after application.

Who can use BooSTAMINA® spray ?

Boostamina® spray can be used by all men wishing to prolong their intercourse, whether they are premature ejaculators or simply wishing to satisfy their partner.

Do we feel all the sensations after applying BooSTAMINA® spray ?

Yes, this is also the particularity of Boostamina®. Unlike other products on the market, Boostamina® does not contain any anesthetic products. Therefore, you will feel all the sensations since your sex, as well as that of your partner, will not be under anesthetic.

Can the use of Boostamina® affect/ have an impact/ consequences on my partner?

Boostamina® does not contain any harmful chemicals or anesthetics. Direct contact of the product with your partner will have no impact. You can therefore safely use Boostamina® with your partner.

Should I always take BooSTAMINA so I can last longer in bed?

This is where BooSTAMINA is different from all other ejaculation delaying sprays on the market. BooSTAMINA will help you reprogram your brain to allow you to control your ejaculation. This means that in the future you can do without BooSTAMINA and any other product.

How long does it take for BooSTAMINA® spray to work ?

The product works within 2 to 3 hours after application. No need to repeat the application before each sexual intercourse: Boostamina continues to work and remains active up to 3 successive days after the 1st sexual intercourse.

Can I use BooSTAMINA® spray with a condom ?

Of course !